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Re: I'm going to Sam's - Mista' Rella
Posted by  BrendaTx of TX on 5/13/06 7:32pm Msg #119714
I have nausea when I take some vitamins. I have had good luck with children's chewables as well. I moved in Sept. and just never found my Flintstones or got around to purchasing new vitamins...ran onto these and tried them.

No nausea with these so a buck thirty-one, I am going after a case to split with my mom tomorrow.

I noticed a change at day 8, definitely felt it at day 10. My mom is on day 6- she said she suddenly realized that she wasn't interested in drooping all over a shopping cart at Wal-Mart yesterday while she shopped.

I noticed I felt amazingly like recovering the bottom of my dining chairs last night...not so much in a put-it-off mood. I am sleeping with a better quality. Seeing better.

Vitamins have usually had to get into my system for around 20 days in the past to get close to this level of improvement. I am a big proponent of them, but sometimes if I run out, it's hard to make myself get back into the regime.

The liquid thing is so much easier.
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