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Even HUGE mistakes may be left "as is" ...
Posted by Bobbi in CT of ? on 12/7/04 12:06pm Msg #12889
I agree with not "correcting" documents unless it is an obvious mistake. Always check with whoever sent you the assignment as soon as you can. Even Stupid, Obvious Mistakes are often left as is. I don't get paid enough to consider practicing law or arguing with lenders and title insurance company "experts."

For example: I had one where 2 days BEFORE the paper documents were shipped to me I notified the scheduler that they had the Town of the mortgaged property in the WRONG county. Borrowers mail is sent to post office in County A, however, Property physically located in County B (i.e., postal mailing address has different town & zip code than than property location zip code). Scheduler said title said County A is correct. I tried to help by politing stating, "No. I know where I live and this happens a lot. Property is not in this county. I can even fax you a Connecticut county map that shows which county each town is in." Scheduler and "title expert" (both in different states far far away) got mad at me. Said, " You are wrong. The title expert is right and you must leave it just as it is."

So ... I required a statement on letterhead that I was to leave Property in County A, which I got from scheduler. I stated I must correct notarization blocks to correct county (they weren't happy with that, but agreed to it). Borrowers wanted loan, agreed "Lender is an idiot. Lender is sending our mail to wrong address, but Post Office forward it to us. We have repeatedly corrected documents and told lender multiple times this is wrong and mailing address is wrong. At this point, leave it their way. It's their problem for not believing we know where we live." .... some other auditor's problem.
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