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Remitting Invoices once a month-BAH HUMBUG!!
Posted by Lorraine George of OR on 6/14/03 12:05am Msg #38
Hey, I just want to say that I have a problem with companies that make you send an invoice in at the end of the month instead of taking it when the work is completed-I am doing another signing for Sign on the X today- although they eventially pay the notary it takes a long time to get the payment. The accounting dept won't even take an invoice from the notary until the first of each month-so what's up with that? I was a bookkeeper for 27 years and have never heard of anthing so stupid in my life! Of course it's to the benefit of Sign on the X since they don't even pay for another 30 days according to their contract-by the time I get my pay they have used my money for at least 45 days to earn interest. Most lenders pay within two weeks from closing-which means Sign on the X has used my money for 45 days to two months! How about a little more integrity where payment delays are concerned? I would greatly appreciate it. Most of the companies that I do work for pay me within two weeks and I very much appreciate those honest and well run companies. I do excellent work and expect to get a timely payment for my services. Hense, I think I have just done my last Sign on the X-it's not worth the trouble to wait two months and spend my money on gas and take my time when I can work for companies that pay me in a timely manner. Not to mention, the last time I tried to get payment from them I was treated rudely by the hired help. Honesty is my policy-not to mention-treat others the way you wish to be treated or expect flack!
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 Remitting Invoices once a month-BAH HUMBUG!! - Lorraine George on 6/14/03 12:05am
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