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Listings in Signing Central - Notary Rotary
Posted by  jojo_MN of MN on 7/13/19 1:09pm Msg #608377
I wrote this in response to another post; however, believe this topic deserves it's own.

If Notary Rotary would just list every company and not categorize according to the part of the country they work in, it would help. I have run across this many times to look in Signing Central just not to see them listed anywhere. That is one of the reasons I always do a search. Many times you see comments in the forum for companies that don't show up in Signing Central. Many companies state they operate locally, when in fact, they operate nationally.

It would make life much easier if they would just come up in the list for all paid members to see regardless if they national or local. Also, I believe it would be easier for them to be administrator for that reason.
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 Listings in Signing Central - Notary Rotary -  jojo_MN on 7/13/19 1:09pm
 Many of us completely agree. I believe the problem that NR -  MW/VA on 7/13/19 3:00pm
 Agree, but person who listed co. is the one who coded wrong - Lee/AR on 7/13/19 3:01pm
 Well, it's approaching more "nothing" than better..... -  Scriba/NM on 7/14/19 2:40pm
 I'm with you...not only my own list of favs and deadbeats to -  Cheryl Elliott on 7/17/19 11:26am
 Re: Listings in Signing Central - Notary Rotary - Luckydog on 7/14/19 10:57am

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