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Closing Day/U&OB Notary Services
Posted by  KimmyMD of MD on 7/16/19 6:33am Msg #608435
Has anyone received an email from this company? Iíve never worked for them. The email was addressing all the complaints in the business related to our line of work. Iíll include a few examples of the email. To me this was insulting to receive, been in business long enough to know how to conduct myself.

Good day. It has been brought to our attention by several of our clients that SOME of our closers have done/are doing the following:

Refused/Opted not to provide an explanation of the documents
Arrived late without notice to anyone
Brought other parties to the closing (children, spouses, trainees, etc.)
Not provided a copy to the signers of the documents
Been confrontational, rude or unpleasant
Dressed inappropriately at the closing (jeans, t-shirts, flip-flops, non-business professional attire is unacceptable)
Refused to send scans/faxbacks

We cannot have this. We make commitments to our clients that we use only the most knowledgeable, professional and patient closers. It is essential that this be true. We are here to provide training, guidance, answer questions, concerns, etc.
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 Closing Day/U&OB Notary Services -  KimmyMD on 7/16/19 6:33am
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 Re: Closing Day/U&OB Notary Services - Luckydog on 7/16/19 8:12am
 Too many misinterpet "explain" when we "review" the docs. -  MW/VA on 7/16/19 1:45pm
 Re: Closing Day/U&OB Notary Services - Ann Roldan on 8/17/19 3:12pm

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