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Re: Best advice for all newbies: "Don
Posted by Luckydog of FL on 9/14/20 7:52am Msg #624465
Anyone under 50 should probably try and get into a company with benefits and grow your retirement. If you have no skills, getting older, then this is the perfect career. For me, it was a step up from what I was doing. Yes, we get burnt out at times. The good thing is, you can try other things, and always come back. Just don't burn any bridges, save your contacts and venture out for a bit, try something else.. I left and came back with a whole lot of knowledge and love for what I left and so glad to be back with a different attitude. I tried title processing and it was just too stressful and difficult for me so I returned. I gained a ton of respect and knowledge for the other side that I didn't have just being a NSA.
Being your own boss you will never get fired, take off when you want to, do not have to answer to anyone but yourself and those companies you work for as a partnership of sorts. That is huge!
Compare that to having to punch a clock, deal with co-workers, getting your reviews and critics, asking for time off, learning new something to consider.
I do not ever see me leaving this profession unless it just completely goes away. Been there, done that and too old to want to start over.
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