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Re: MArch Jobs report
Posted by MikeC/TX of TX on 4/9/19 7:47pm Msg #72405
"When does Trumps actions begin to receive credit and Obummy’s anti-American actions stop getting credit?"

I would say that will happen when Trump actually DOES something to improve the economy beyond what it has been doing on its own since the recession ended. You have to agree that he didn't inherit an economy in tatters - things had been consistently getting better for years. If you want to look at the stock market as an indicator of economic growth (which it's not), then look at a chart of the Dow or the S&P over the past 10 years and show me the point at which Trump suddenly goosed the market to higher returns. You can't because he didn't - it continued to move in the same direction until recently when it appears we'll be going into a bear market and possible recession. That will be all on Trump, and he can't blame it in Obama or anyone else. - take credit for the rise, take responsibility for the fall.

Would you rather look at GDP? Again. look at the historical data. The quarterly GDP under Obama surpassed that under Trump 4 times. Is the President directly responsible for GDP growth? Trump thinks so, but Obama never bragged about it. Recent reports I've seen suggest that GDP this year will be 2% or lower, far below the 5% or 6% Trump said it would be (a level that is almost impossible to attain, but Trump, with a degree in economics, doesn't understand that).

I will freely admit that I hate Trump, almost as much as you hate Obama (whose name you still refuse to use properly - how old are you? Eight? Adults don't do that.). But everything I just wrote is a matter of public record. You can check it out yourself.

And to quote from the "failing NY Times" (they're not failing - that's another Trumpian fantasy) article you cited:

"The March jobs gain probably won’t be enough to dispel all the pessimism, though.

The report contained evidence of a slowdown in manufacturing, a sector that has performed well over the past two years. Manufacturers shed 6,000 jobs in March, driven mostly by the auto sector, and added just 1,000 in February. Last year, the sector on average added 22,000 jobs a month.

Some manufacturers have been hit by tariffs imposed by other countries in response to those put in place by Mr. Trump."

And further on in the article:

"“There’s a chance we’d have to lay people off if we don’t get these tariffs fixed,” Mr. Parmentier said. “I understand what the president’s doing, but he’s got to do it faster, or get a better perspective on what he’s doing to American companies.”

While the March jobs number exceeded expectations — economists surveyed by FactSet predicted, on average, around 170,000 new jobs — job growth has slowed. In the first three months of the year, the economy added 180,000 jobs on average, down from a monthly average of 223,000 for all of 2018."

You really should actually READ the articles you cite before you use them to prove your point, Richie - they don't always say what you think they say based on the headline...
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