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Well, someone finally blinked, and it wasn't Pelosi
Posted by MikeC/TX of TX on 1/25/19 7:12pm Msg #72312
Art of the Deal? Seriously??

This guy can't negotiate his way out of a phone booth.

In the end, he got nothing, the Dems got the government reopened, and federal workers who should never have been pawns in this are going to get their pay. That's the most important thing - federal workers get paid. Nothing else matters.

Tell me again about how Trump is the Great Negotiator. All he did was screw 800.000 people and their families out of the money they were owed in order to get his stupid wall. And in the end, there will be no wall, because a) the majority of Americans don't want it, and b) it will take years of litigation to get the land for the wall.

Are you tired of winning yet, Trumpsters?
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 Well, someone finally blinked, and it wasn't Pelosi - MikeC/TX on 1/25/19 7:12pm
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