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"I didn't have to do this"
Posted by MikeC/TX of TX on 2/17/19 12:03am Msg #72346
So why DID you do this, Mr. President? Why declare a National Emergency in order to go around Article I of our Constitution, take money already appropriated by Congress for specific reasons, and use it to build your stupid wall (something that, thanks to eminent domain lawsuits, will never happen in your lifetime, much less your presidency)?

And then after saying you were doing it, immediately admit on national TV that you didn't have to do it? Do you know the definition of the word "emergency"? Are you really so stupid as to not understand that you just negated any possible reason for declaring a National Emergency by saying you didn't have to declare it?

"Build The Wall" was never more than a campaign slogan. And now his slogan has become "Finish The Wall". But the MAGAts don't realize that you can't finish something that hasn't even been started yet - not a single dime has been appropriated by Congress to build Trump's wall, all they've done is provide money to repair existing barriers. Not a single inch of new barriers had been appropriated for, yet Trump lied about new construction and the idiots who adore him believed him. Facts don't matter to Trump supporters; to them, everything he says is true.

We don't need a wall - we never needed a wall. Donald Trump never believed we needed a wall - it was just a campaign slogan. What we need are better border security measures that include better use of technology. Drugs are not flowing over our open border areas - the government's own numbers tell us that 90% of the drugs are entering through legal ports of entry. If you want to stop that, improve the technology to detect it. Ironically, Trump wants to grab money that was appropriated for drug interdiction enforcement at the border, and redirect it to build his Wall.

Illegal immigrants are not pouring over our open borders - the government's own statistics tell us that most of the illegal immigrants are here because they came here legally and overstayed their visa. If you want to stop that, improve the technology that identifies these people. None of this is rocket science, it takes funding, which is the job that Congress is supposed to do.

You don't improve border security by stealing money from other legitimate projects in order to fulfill an empty campaign promise, and you set a dangerous precedent by trying to do so. The Dems are already opposed to what he's trying to do - it's time for the GOP members of Congress to step up and join them, assert their power under Article I to control appropriations, and put an end to this madness.
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 "I didn't have to do this" - MikeC/TX on 2/17/19 12:03am
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