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Re: Trump finally made it to Vietnam
Posted by MikeC/TX of TX on 3/5/19 10:49pm Msg #72374
Typical deflection from a Trump cultist. The issue is not what I did, it's what HE did.

For the record, I never served in the military, which is why I will never criticize or question the service of those who have.

During the Vietnam War, I was a college student and had a legitimate student deferment, as did thousands of other college students. When the draft lottery for my age group was held, my birthday came up #1 - you can check that out (7/9/51). I was not called to serve because I was still in school. The war and the draft ended the year before I graduated.

At no time did I fake an injury or a medical condition to get a deferment the way Trump did. He can't even remember which foot hurt, and we've since learned that two doctors were paid by his father to attest to his alleged medical condition. So your attempt to protect your cult leader by questioning MY military service rather than addressing HIS draft dodging is just more Trumpster BS. At what point do you folks decide to stop making excuses for him?

Don't question my service record - question his,
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