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Re: Trump does it yet again
Posted by bagger of IL on 6/24/19 2:50pm Msg #72560
“Although I know Trump doesn't believe in them, we have these things called laws in this country.”

So, explain to me these liberal sanctuary cities, counties and states. How can these “leaders” of these entities ignore the law? How can they protect illegals who have BROKEN THE LAW, not turn them over to ICE? Are they not ignoring our laws?

“Second, these are families we're talking about, not violent criminals. For the most part, these are people who have been part of a community for years, have been paying taxes (even though they won't see the benefits), have raised a family of children who were born here and are American citizens by law. And now we rip those families apart? If we deport the parents, do we deport their children as well - children who are American citizens under the Constitution - or just leave them to fend for themselves?”

Even though they won’t see the benefits. O come on now.
Yes, they pay taxes on the gas they purchase.
Gas taxes pay for our local roads and bridges. Can they drive on those roads and bridges? Yep.
They pay for property taxes either through rent or county and municipal taxes, which pays for police protection, fire, and schools.
Do they not have fire and police protection? Are their children not allowed into our public schools? Do they not use our libraries?

No, the only “tax” they pay where they cannot receive benefits from is Social Security.
Well, let’s examine that shall we?
They pay x dollars into a phony SS account, full well knowing that they will never be able to collect those benefits.
Well, how about their employer, who matches those SS contributions into a phony account. That sounds like theft to me! They are making their employer pay into an account that will never be used. So what does that mean? It means higher prices to us law abiding consumers ( the employer has to recover those costs somehow.)

Justify this all you want Mike, this is costing the US consumer BILLIONS.

“I believe in strong immigration laws, but I also believe that we have to use common sense. If someone has entered the country illegally but has established him or herself as a member of the community - is working and contributing to the community - they deserve a chance”

Then apply for citizenship, and come here legally. If you have something to contribute, we want you, if not, go back home. We have plenty of leeches here already.
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