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Yes, Mike is correct.
Posted by Moneyman/TX of TX on 7/30/19 6:11am Msg #72722
We do happen to agree on several things, which is why I often tend to confuse people who see me as conservative or liberal when it comes to politics. I am more Libertarian leaning in my political ideology which is more fiscal conservative, limited (smaller) government, and more socially liberal (not open borders or most of the far left of today's Progressives) Smile

A lot of the times when we do disagree, it may or may not be on a particular view of an issue or policy, it can also be that we might agree in general about the overall viewpoint just not how we might achieve it.

When it comes to such topics as being PC, or "hate speech" - an entirely made up term and 'issue', or the left's belief that they have a right/duty to use "the heckler's veto" at will, our different views are clearly visible. Wink

We also know that just because someone disagrees with our viewpoint, that doesn't mean that they should be thought of automatically as "the enemy", dumb as rocks, the devil incarnate, or "a racist" (as we saw 8 years of under Obama -- if you dare oppose Obama or his policies, "you're just a racist" and now 3 years of under Trump -- e.g. "all Trump voters are racists"), etc.

Although in previous years, Hugh and I threw some elbows and exchanged some biting comments from time to time, I do miss proudly being the "conservative troglodyte", in his and many of the liberals eyes back then. No one can insult you with the level of mastery and skill, along with a southern grin that leaves one impressed to the point that makes you want to have a beer with him. Although, I was warned that if we did meet up for that beer, he would probably pee on my boots under the table, so I shouldn't wear my best boots. I still want to have that beer!

Aside from the peeing on my shoes under the table, I think Mike and I also have similar respect for each other that we could have beers and debate politics face to face without needing boxing gloves or getting our feeling hurt.
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