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Brother 2260 Elite Notary Stamp

We have made it very easy to order high quality, professional notary supplies meeting North Dakota state requirements. To get started, simply complete the following order form and click Next. In a few easy, time-saving steps, your order will be complete. Stamps are ready for shipping the day we receive your original Certificate of Authorization.

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If ordering a stamp or seal, you may place your order, but before we can release it, you must e-mail or mail your Authorization to Purchase Notary Public Seal and/or Notary Public Stamp to our office.

Our contact information will be listed on your receipt.
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Brother 2260 Elite Notary Stamp
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Brother 2260 Elite Notary Stamp. This product has multiple versions. Please select one using the Choose a Version box.
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We believe the Brother 2260 pre-inked North Dakota notary stamp is the best money can buy

Featuring an ultra-crisp impression with no bleed-through, the Brother will yield up to 50,000 North Dakota notary seal impressions when properly re-inked

When one of our business partners asked us to carry the Brother line, we were both skeptical and reluctant. Our skepticism stemmed from the fact that the stamps can be made fairly quickly - often in as little as 10 minutes from start-to-finish, in fact - which had us thinking they had to be cheap. Our reluctance was due to the very high price of parts, as well as the fact that you cannot make more than 1 stamp at a time. (Brother materials range from 2 - 4x as expensive as other stamps and the Brother stamp machine can only accommodate one.)

However, after seeing the impressions first-hand, we were sold. The Brother imprints are extremely crisp and, unlike many other pre-inked stamps, bleed is virtually non-existent, even after several weeks. So, we promptly ordered our first machine.

The Brother, like most pre-inked stamps, can be re-inked to yield additional impressions. If your stamp impression ever fades, simply remove the cap and add the appropriate number of Brother ink drops.

IMPORTANT: Re-inking with any other brand of ink will ruin your stamp, so please do not do this.
Price: $28.95

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