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Manilla Envelope? Nefarious?
Posted by  NJDiva of NJ on 7/28/11 2:48pm Msg #391821
Good word...and you take on the added expense of putting them in a manila envelope? Why? Does anyone else do that? I do binder clips (which I think is probably unnecessary, a rubber band works, but I think binder clips are more professional.)

Ooops, I'm sorry, I got distracted for a minute there...

I actually had a couple cancel the closing with me because they didn't want their info documented in my journal; they said, "Not that we don't trust you, but how about if someone steals it from you. How do you get in touch with all those people who have signed your log?"

Geesh, that was a good question. How WOULD we contact people in our log if it were ever stolen?

I was very adamant that I am background screened, I guard that log like it was my purse. I told them I am trained and certified in handling peoples very confidential information.

The problem is that they said they had done a refi the week before on another property and THAT notary did not check their identity, take copies, or have a journal, much less log their information, take their thumb print and have them sign it.

It was rather fishy anyway, I thought they were trying to take the focus off the fact that they were shady with disclosing their identity. It was incredibly bizarre and probably the strangest closing I've been to. All I could do was sit there shaking my head thinking what is wrong with this picture? (with that perplexed look

But they said they wanted a notary that did not log their information. So the title company told me to leave. They paid me full fee. I learned later that they sent someone else out there. Again, I thought there was something not right about it and told the title company, but I guess they felt it was necessary to do it.

The title company said that next time just don't log the information in the journal while I'm there, to do it after I left as I had all their information anyway. Journals are not a requirement in NJ. However, C'ng. M. A. IS!!!
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