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Re: Here
Posted by  JanetK_CA of CA on 7/10/18 2:29pm Msg #595749
I've always preferred to try to find a local supplier, as well, if at all possible. (BTW, when I bought my last eBay printer, I asked the seller to send me the printout of the page count, which he did.) Hope your next purchase works out better for you, whichever way you decide to go!

One more thing for anyone else shopping for a printer (and I know I'm showing my bias here...) Take a look again at above posts. Some of the most seasoned notaries on this forum have been using printers like the HP 2430 or HP 4350 - high duty cycle, heavy volume, work group printers - and successfully so for many years. I just believe that many HP printers are designed to better stand up to the high print volume our business often requires, and for longer. If you can find one with relatively low print count (for that machine), they can be found pretty reasonably priced. (Again, see comments above.)

I admit, though, that in this slower market everyone has to decide their own priorities and preferences and not everyone will have the same needs.
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