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numbers service
Posted by A S Johnson of TX on 7/23/11 1:30pm Msg #390852
Has anyone recieved Jeremy"s e-mail about his "improved" site?
He has compiled a number of list and help for a signing agent.
Good companies gone bad -
New signing companies on the block -
Call back etiquette examined -
Answering machine etiquette -
Threatening for payment (Carmen's) -
Notary in Louisiana murdered -
Physical inspections -
New Millenium title Group -
Please send a loose ack -
Finger licking during signings?

I have known Jeremy for a number of years. I may have one the eary member of his listing. The 1st time I talked with him he was going some place his car, a convertible I think-there was wind noise on the phone. He seemed like a good guy. But last year, when he started calling you at 3 AM to see if and how you answered your phone to determin if he would keep your 24/7 listing, that was a little much.
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