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The Dawn of “Mortgage 3.0”
Posted by  C. Rivera Chicago Notary Services of IL on 1/9/17 1:56pm Msg #567926
Interesting read...

"Millennials were reared on the internet. They want to partner with lenders who are mobile by design and are completely transparent. Millennials don’t want to wait around forever; they want loans quickly. They also want to be able to choose loans on their own terms (i.e., self-service).

In order to attract business from millennials, lenders are going to have to meet those needs.

Demand from Millennials represents a massive opportunity, so developing solutions that fulfil their needs is critical to the mortgage industry. Furthermore, a highly automated and mobile-first mortgage process will benefit both Millennials and mortgage originators. This is accelerating the rate of change, new companies and products, like Quicken Loan’s Rocket Mortgage, are already coming to market this way."

I expect more closings will be forthcoming in the same manner, via mobile means.
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