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Vigorous Debate at National SOS Conference in DC...
Posted by  Roger_OH of OH on 2/16/17 12:02am Msg #570093
on Remote Notarization. So many states, so many players, so many facets to hammer out.

Of particular interest is the potential conflict between a state's remote notarization procedures and their real estate statutes, determination of state/county venues and states recognizing each other's REMOTE notarizations, county recorders issues, ID concerns, ad infinitum.

I'm here in DC as the Ohio rep on the National SOS Notaries Committee, trying to keep my head from exploding. There's a great deal to sort out, and there is a task force from the Notaries Committee spearheading the discussions. The lenders/TCs and their associations/lobbyists are pushing it, but the SOS and we notaries have significant reservations.

We'll see what shakes out by the SOS Summer conference in July.

My sense is that some form of remote notarization will eventually come out of this, but like some states' adoption of RULONA, it may be carved up to suit each state's whimsy. So like many of our state laws are now, you can do this here, but you can't do it there.
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