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Notary Cloud >>I am Assuming a SS 702-857-8130
Posted by Luckydog of FL on 6/19/17 12:18pm Msg #576964
Got a call for a 150-250 page " loan application with CD" The CD is less than 10 assuming he meant application and full refi package, but kept insisting was loan refi app with CD. Highest he'd go was $125.00. I passed, as cannot find anything under "Notary Cloud" 702-857-8130, and not printing 500 pages for $125.00
Anyone hear of these guys?
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 Notary Cloud >>I am Assuming a SS 702-857-8130 - Luckydog on 6/19/17 12:18pm
 I've done a couple for them & they're a good do. IMO -  MW/VA on 6/19/17 12:22pm
 (oops) not "good do", but "good co." n/m -  MW/VA on 6/19/17 12:22pm
 Re: I - Luckydog on 6/19/17 12:29pm
 I wouldn't do a 250 pg. pkg. for $125 either. I can't -  MW/VA on 6/19/17 12:55pm
 Re: I wouldn - pdl/cali on 6/19/17 1:37pm
 Re: I wouldn - Luckydog on 6/19/17 1:50pm
 Re: I wouldn - pdl/cali on 6/19/17 2:02pm
 Sad but true. Us vetrens have learned the hard way n/m - Luckydog on 6/19/17 3:09pm
 IF it was a Reverse, they include CFPB Consumer Info...pita -  Cari on 6/19/17 5:07pm
 Re: Notary Cloud Loan Application -  John/CT on 6/19/17 6:06pm
 Re: Notary Cloud Loan Application - SteveS/CA on 6/19/17 7:14pm
 Re: Notary Cloud Loan Application - pdl/cali on 6/19/17 7:40pm

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