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Snapdocs Survey In My Email
Posted by  Scriba/NM of NM on 7/17/17 11:52am Msg #578665
I opened my email this AM to find a survey from Snapdocs asking how I would rate them. From a notary perspective, aside from cattle-calling the world, offering lowball fees from questionable companies, wanting someone to drive 80 miles and complete a 200 page refi for $50 - I gave them a Zero. I also indicated that they are ruining the industry for Signing Agents, as newbies will jump at any fee shown, thinking they are "making money" as signing agents. For SS outfits, it's probably like they've died and gone to heaven. Less work for them, lots of business, lots of eager panting notaries, lots of profits (for the SS). For normal Signing Agents..............Ummmm....not so much. I use the delete key a lot.
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 Snapdocs Survey In My Email -  Scriba/NM on 7/17/17 11:52am
 Snapdocs is only a platform. -  Yowheelz on 7/17/17 12:00pm
 Re: Snapdocs is only a platform. - Luckydog on 7/17/17 1:48pm
 Re: Snapdocs Survey In My Email - SteveS/CA on 7/17/17 12:04pm
 I am just curious. With all of the "Newbies" taking SnapDoc - grapebed on 7/17/17 12:25pm
 Re: I am just curious. With all of the "Newbies" taking SnapDoc - SteveS/CA on 7/17/17 12:49pm
 This was my response to go along with my zero rating - PegiT_MN on 7/17/17 12:24pm
 Peggy, that was the exact point I was trying to make n/m - grapebed on 7/17/17 2:02pm
 ~like~ BTW, I do wonder if they really care anyway. ;-( n/m -  MW/VA on 7/17/17 12:54pm
 Re: ~like~ BTW, I do wonder if they really care anyway. ;-( - Luckydog on 7/17/17 1:57pm
 In addition to blocked deadbeats ... - BearPaw/CO on 7/17/17 2:46pm
 The cos. on your list are cos. I wouldn't work for in the -  MW/VA on 7/17/17 3:11pm
 I did not give them a good review..... - notarydi/CA on 7/18/17 8:44am
 IMO, just like XYZ, the cos. are buying into what SD is -  MW/VA on 7/18/17 9:59am
 Re: In addition to blocked deadbeats ... - Luckydog on 7/18/17 9:38am

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