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Mortgage Docs - Bounced Check
Posted by mtnotary of MT on 10/11/17 3:10pm Msg #584517
Yes I admit it I am gullible!!
I tried to turn back this job in August from after reading so many bad reviews I didn't want any part of working for free. But the scheduler said "I'll overnight a check to you" so I believed her against the inner voice in my body yelling don't do it. I really wish I had listened!!
No check for 60 days and when I did get paid (after sending threatening emails) it bounced.
In Montana that is a crime punishable up to 6 months in jail.
Mr. Baldoni won't speak on the phone but apparently must be getting my email as he fedexed me a replacement check. He must really think I am dumb or gullible as I won't be putting that check into the bank because Wells Fargo Bank (the bank the check is drawn on) tells me that the check for $145 isn't any good why would the check for $165 be any good?
I really wish I had listened to my inner voice.
I do have all of the contact numbers of whom to call because I still have a copy of the CD. I am hoping one of them can help me get paid. Probably not but at least they will be informed.
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