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PSA To My Fellow Notaries: Please Get Your Flu Shot!
Posted by PegiT_MN of MN on 11/13/17 1:33pm Msg #586421
I woke up this morning and heard on the news that this is going to be one of the worst flu seasons. There are already sporadic cases of influenza being reported here in Minnesota and everyone is encouraged to go out and get the flu shot.

I know a lot of people believe in mind over matter, but mind over matter cannot guard you against the influenza virus. Our line of business first of all requires us to be on the top of our game both mentally and physically. A bout of the influenza virus can knock you out of the game for several weeks. Secondly, we encounter so many people in so many different environments during the course of our travels, that you never know what you have been exposed to. When it comes to the influenza virus, eating properly, getting enough rest, sanitizing your hands, as well as your writing instruments may not be enough. Influenza is an air borne illness and you can easily be breathing in the germs without being aware of it.

Just a word of caution to all my fellow notaries because I care about you . . . please go out and get your flu shot. I contracted influenza from a little boy and his mother during a signing one of my first years of doing this and it knocked me down for six weeks. I get my flu shot every year now.

Here is wishing everyone a safe, healthy, and prosperous winter season filled with many signings.
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