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Posted by  Dianna Bard of CA on 12/6/17 5:59pm Msg #587308
I accepted a loan package delivery for E mtg funding with a pre arranged fee of $75 to drop off and pick up the application, no notary, no nothing but pick up when done and send back to LO.
Does anyone know this company and if they pay or not? I have heard from a couple notaries to go check on Notary Rotary but I do no see them listed here??? I suppose I will go drop it off since I agreed to do this but if I do not find something I am no so sure I will go pick it up. I would think it is cheaper and faster for them to fed ex to borrower and have them sign it and then return it as opposed to pay me $75 to drop off then pick up and they pay another fed ex fee to ship it??
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