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The Notary Pool-How I got paid
Posted by Michael Metzger of CA on 3/6/18 12:33pm Msg #590789
As I typed the subject line, I heard a collective groan from the notary world. For once, this post isn't about how TNP and John Hoyt screwed me over. Well, it is a little bit. After being frustrated for a year, of not getting paid and listening to John Hoyt incessant lies. After letters and emails to TNP and escrow, I took a new tact. Here is how I got paid by TNP.

I sent an email to escrow and I just don't mean the officer who was handling the file. I sent it to the VP of the office, I sent it to everyone listed in the chain of command. Thier email addresses are usually available on their website. I also sent an email to the LO. I also copied everyone who is listed as a TNP contact on the SD contacts list. Within in two minutes I had John Hoyt texting me.

By the way, his cell phone number is 949-933-8605.

I sent this email out on Saturday and by Monday morning I had a check! I also had a gurantee from the LO that he secured a promise that if I didn't get paid from TNP that First American would pay me directly. Jim Guest at Priority Mortgage Funding is a prince among men!

So there's the secret. I would hurry if I were you. If TNP starts haiving to issue checks, money is going to be in short supply. When you recieve the check, I would walk it into the nearest branch of the bank the check is drawn on and cash it.

Also if you end up getting push back from escrow/title about how its not their problem. Let me know. I know lots of real estate agents who would be interested.

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