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Keep on Lookout for Fraud & Think twice about SSN
Posted by NVLSlady/VA of VA on 4/13/18 6:03pm Msg #592210
in hands of unauthorized persons. Received a call after normal business hours from someone posing as a SSA employee. With a foreign accent, he stated that "crimes were being committed using my SSN."

By the time I finished with him, he hung up the phone. When I called both the number he called from AND the direct phone contact I asked for, another scammer hung up and the "direct" call was Rejected by phone service.

I reached out to a personal contact at the MPD and he wrote: ​"Yeah this is a scam that really picks up around tax time. I would ignore any further calls. My coworkers and I . . . even receive these calls on our work and personal phones.
The really good scammers will even reference, by name, people in your life. Id just ignore any further calls and put their phone numbers on your blocked list."

Just another example of why we need to stay extra vigilant and limit what info we provide to companies.

p.s. Why can't the phone ring for something legitimate?!!!
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