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WFG fee approval
Posted by Yoli/CA of CA on 12/5/18 2:46pm Msg #600937
Had an interesting talk with WFG today.

Had a call for a Friday signing. After all pertinent questions, gave them my base quote of $1XX. He said he'd have to get approval but shouldn't be a problem and would call back within the hour. When no call after 1-1/2 hours, I called him -- I usually don't but something made me do it.

Anyway, he informed me that when scheduler has to seek approval, they are required to call 5 other notaries for lowest fee. At initial call, he told me they usually offer $85 but he could go to $95. Then, came my questions and quote. When I called him back he informed me I would've had the assignment except another notary quoted him $115 and he had to take it. <<NOTE: $20 over initially offered fee and they would have paid more.>>

Hope that notary knows it's a VA loan. WFG's packages usually consist of 9 or 10 notarizations per signer. This particular job had no scanbacks. However, WFG will pay an additional $25 for scanbacks IF requested by NSA. People, no need to accept peanuts!!

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