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Re: dual commissioned agent
Posted by MikeC/TX of TX on 2/6/19 4:50pm Msg #602915
I was a notary in NY before I moved to TX. NY's notaries are commissioned and regulated through the Division of Licensing, not through the Secretary of State. NY does not allow dual commissioning - you have to be a full-time resident of NY to get a commission. Providing a bogus address for a nonresident in order to facilitate obtaining a NY notary commission would be very illegal, so do yourself a favor and forget that idea.

Your profile says that you are in North Bergen, NJ; I know the area, so I know you can see Manhattan across the river from there. I can understand why you might want a dual commission, but NY doesn't allow it. Unfortunately, your clients and customers in NY are going to have to come to you for notary services and not the other way around.
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