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Directions...Road Atlas...something please...
Posted by William Soronen of CA on 11/25/04 3:11am Msg #12006
So I am busting my tail (or rather my fingers) on the computer and the phone doing my darndest to get my name out there to lenders. Then I realize that I need to get the atention of Escrow agaents and shift course...or do I?
I really really dont want to work for a notary signing agency that pays $65.00 to their peep's.
Problem is I google about 6 hours a day and feel like I am getting nowhere.

Things I have done:

registered on just about every free notary directory. ( more on why just the free ones in a bit)
registered on a few lender and real estate broker directories.
E-mailed every company with activity for 2004 on NNA company directory (with a few phone calls where company showed that as preference)
E-mailed hundreds of lenders and escrow officers that Google and dogpile found for me.
Physically accosted a handful of brokers/escrow officers here in my hometown.

Now; the reason I havent joined any of the "pay" directories yet like: "123" etc, is that I am not bankrolled that way, and with 80% of the companies I googled needing a "min" of around $29.00 for just their basic broom closet exposure membership...I didnt want to take a chance on paying companies that wont help me.

Is there a directory out there somewhere where one can go and say "Hot-darn!...that's it!...thats the holy Grail by Jove!...if I just visit every one of those links and fill out the application then I might get a job a week!"

I have absolutely no problems paying for information like that...I certainly dont want to re-write the book you see...I just want to make sure I get what I pay for. I am pro-active as anyone alive, and dont mind hunting for my own work, just want to make sure I know what all my options are.

On my own merit's I have one lender, one title company, and one SS that use me (not exclusively) in the two weeks that I have been beating my head against my monitor/phone.
If there is a way to make this easier...then for my wifes peace of mind alone...please someone point me in the right direction...and if I'm already there...and just have to keep pluggin along doing what I am doing...then never mind me...I can do that tooSmiley


William R. Soronen, San Diego California
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