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Re: Competition vs. Networking
Posted by MaggieMae_CA of CA on 5/13/05 11:09am Msg #37501
Sam, your referral was very much appreciated by me and I will reciprocate! That's a given. I agree with you 100% about the networking.

Two of my 3 signings yesterday were for notaries. That seemed really strange to me. Yes, I know we can't notarize our own signatures or the signatures of someone we have a vested interest with/in.

What surprised me was that these two notaries didn't have a fellow notary to call and give their business too. The one woman Sam referred to me was frantically calling every notary she could find. No one wanted to notarize her signature until 6 p.m. or later.

I believe having trusted friends in this industry is important. People who will refer me and I can refer business to them. People who aren't going to steal my corporate clients out from under me and know that I will not do the same to them.

It definitely takes time to get to know people and to get a feel for who you can trust. I do think that some people on here do indeed have trusted friends that they refer business too. I think Sylvia's SS is hand picked by her in that she reads the various notary boards, finds out who knows their stuff and would be an asset to her service. She probably even invites them to join her SS as opposed to opening up a database and getting anyone and everyone to sign up. To me, this is networking.

What I've said here about Sylvia is an 'educated guess' on my part. I haven't ever met or personally spoken with her. My only communication has been thru reading and posting on this board and one email to her. So, I could be totally wrong on how she does her SS.

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