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MaggieMae to Sylvia
Posted by MaggieMae_CA of CA on 5/13/05 12:26pm Msg #37515
I'm a pretty good people reader... Even online...

I pride myself in being able to read people thru their words and actions. I'm trying to get to know people on here who are in my neck of the woods so I can network with them. I want to know they will do as good of a job (if not better) than I do. Since I can't clone myself, I need to depend on others for assistance. It's important to me not to let my clients down and to provide the best for them.

I think that's why I'm an advocate of mentoring. If I mentor someone, I'm going to know the quality of their work and (hopefully, in a perfect world) they will appreciate how I've helped them and will not go behind my back and steal my clients. That's where my people reading skills comes in to help distinguish the good guys from the users and bad guys.
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