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Re: My Mistake!
Posted by Mysti_FL of FL on 5/14/05 1:09pm Msg #37793
Sylvia, I made an error, but didn't know how to correct.

I took a job (never again) 2 1/2 hours away from me and it was an 8:00 PM closing. When I get there, the gentleman had left his ID in his "niece's car which is in Miami". I went ahead and signed all the docs, since I was there and he said he would fax a copy to me by 4:00 the next day because I had to send off docs. He had no other ID short of his Social Security Card, but nothing with a picture.

Next day I called him twice and each time he states that he has been unable to get hold of his niece and that he is still trying. I sent the docs off at 6:00 PM after including a note advising he was not able to prove who he was.

Now what???? Did I blow it big time? Should I have just left and not done the closing after driving this long distance. I make the mistake of not reminding him to have his license with him, thinking everyone would have it on them!!!!

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