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Re: digital camera
Posted by  BrendaTX of TX on 5/14/05 11:41pm Msg #37878
Try this: When you go shopping for one, first go pick up a magnifying glass. Take the magnifying glass with you to place in front of the lens of the camera for test shots.

Also, even some cell phone cameras are good enough these days to use for making copies of documents.

When it comes to ID copies, some people do things differently than I do and for good reasons. I respect that. Currently, if the lender or title company requests a copy of an ID, I will give them one without fail and handle it with discretion. I do not record complete TDL numbers in my journal any longer. Unfortunately, in Texas anyone can get your driver's license number if they want to--at this time. I am hopeful, this information will be made unavailable to the general public soon. At that time, I will refuse to copy driver's licenses without a release from the bearer.
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