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Re: I've also received someone else's check...
Posted by LauriecPA of ? on 7/23/05 9:55pm Msg #54200
Paw, that has happened to me 3 times now! (and I've only been doing closings for 2 years.) The other notary has a similar name and lives in another state. I thought it was a disgrace that this person cashed the checks when they have all clearly stated (at least when I finally received them!) the borrower's name and closing city/state. Maybe it's like you said, rather than being dishonest, they just didn't keep records.
The last time it happened I had such a hard time getting the $$ back b/c the title co. said they had to wait for her to send them the $$ back before they could issue me a check. I couldn't understand this reasoning b/c I had performed the service, the other notary was paid, and if she didn't pay them back, I couldn't get paid? After two weeks of me calling them every day, I got my check.
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