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Call for GNW from "Influencer" looking for freebie. LOL
Posted by Lee/AR of AR on 11/14/23 4:47pm Msg #647137
Guess it's a 'thing' to get free whatever. Try, anyway.
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 That's where he's making his 'big buck$', if at all true. -  JanetK_CA on 11/15/23 12:03am
 He's also the NNA "influencer" of the year. When did they - ananotary on 11/14/23 2:34pm
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 Call me blond, but how can you be an influencer -  Cheryl Elliott on 11/14/23 10:38pm
 Very sad in this market--just con man/women! n/m -  MW/VA on 11/15/23 9:50am
 I would like to see a breakdown of NSA work vs Training n/m -  Teresa/FL on 11/16/23 4:25pm

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