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Re: Fees?
Posted by CaliNotary of CA on 12/7/04 4:07pm Msg #12900
Fees have been discussed to death on this board. $1.25/mile round trip is a pretty good figure, but here in Los Angeles you'll be screwing yourself if you stick strictly to this. As you know from living here, distance is better measured in time over miles.

I start at $50 for extremely local signings, something that will take me no more than 10-15 minutes to travel to. This is usually 5 miles or less. A signing that's 20 miles from me can take anywhwere from 30-60 minutes or more to reach, depending on the time of day. For 20 miles my fee is usually in the $75-80 range. The $1.25/mile comes into play for me at about 30 miles or more. These are all assuming signing service fees of course.

Just keep in mind that LA has a ton of notaries and it's pretty competitive. You want to price yourself so you'll get work. Just don't undersell yourself either. There are plenty of companies who are trying to get us to do $40 signings, don't accept them. The more notaries that accept these fees, the more signing services will lower their fees.
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