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Re: SwiftView: Aaarrrggghhh! HELP! Please?
Posted by Becca/FL of ? on 5/13/05 7:58pm Msg #37653
I have found, when printing from Swiftview using the "windows print" mode, that you can not use the print icon on your toolbar. Are you using the print icon to the right of the displayed doc in the SwiftView program itself? Hope this helps.

P.S. I'm no guru. In fact, I'm IT challenged, but have picked up a few things in the biz.
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 SwiftView: Aaarrrggghhh! HELP! Please? - Ernest_CT on 5/13/05 7:23pm
 Re: SwiftView: Aaarrrggghhh! HELP! Please? -  SamIam_CA on 5/13/05 7:27pm
 Thanks! Email is on its way. n/m - Ernest_CT on 5/13/05 7:36pm
 Re: Thanks! Email is on its way. n/m -  SamIam_CA on 5/13/05 10:18pm
 Re: SwiftView: Aaarrrggghhh! HELP! Please? - Becca/FL on 5/13/05 7:58pm
 Thanks. I am using the SwiftView "Print" icon. n/m - Ernest_CT on 5/13/05 8:02pm
 Re: SwiftView: Aaarrrggghhh! HELP! Please? - pan/nd on 5/13/05 10:18pm
 Thank you! - Ernest_CT on 5/13/05 10:45pm
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 Ernest_CT - email me please -  PAW_Fl on 5/14/05 8:32pm
 Paul: You should have email waiting. Thanks! n/m - Ernest_CT on 5/14/05 9:15pm
 Re: SwiftView: Aaarrrggghhh! HELP! Please? - ERNA_CA on 5/14/05 3:20am
 Re: SwiftView: Aaarrrggghhh! HELP! Please? - Teasa/NY on 5/14/05 10:29am
 Thanks, but no. - Ernesst_CT on 5/14/05 9:22pm
 Thanks for the suggestion. - Ernest_CT on 5/14/05 9:29pm

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