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Re: Kevin Costner
Posted by  Cheryl Elliott of CA on 4/17/18 1:41pm Msg #592289
I love to dance with wolves...the Great Lebowski, The Color Purple, Saturday Night Live, Footloose, Saint Elmo's Fire, Animal House, Grease, 10....they are all here. So common place to run into superstars here. They all live here, come fire and mud, they too survived. The producer of Law and Order lost his home to mudslide flow, and he simply moved up the road to Santa Ynez. Jeff Bridges was air lifted from the roof his home, next door to Oprah. Ellen is a frequent face in the Village.

I've known Felise for years to be a superstar NSA. She's a pro. I don't think she's done any harm here to handsome, young Lamas.

Many years ago, my mother was visiting me from OR. I took her to the BH Hilton for dessert and coffee. There was a roasting of George Burns going on, and we ran smack dab into Jimmy Stewart and Gregory Peck. It was awesome, I shook both their hands. On another evening, in Santa Monica, I ran into Ronnie and Nancy Reagan at Madam Wu's, and I told him I was happy I voted for him.

Clinton stayed at a home in Padara Lane in the 90s and I ran into him on Summerland beaches. I used to run into David Wilder in Beverly Hills. In high school, I worked at the Ventura Pier, Sea View Cafe where Ericson's is now, and served coffee and cinnamon rolls to Pernell Roberts, Adam on Bonanza, and ran into Carradine Boys on Ojai Valley School campus frequently where my brothers attended school. Natasha Richardson who died of brain injury trauma while skiing was also a student there. We lived near Johnny Cash and Sheb Wooley. Loretta Young and June Allyson were our neighbors. Anthony Hopkins loved the Ojai Valley, and he invited all his neighbors in for coffee.

No biggie. They like to be approached, briefly, but they seek to "just live and experience" the coast as we all do.

It's the norm around here, not the exception. I frequently here from schedulers, "the client is high profile, famous, we need someone who is comfortable with that." I think Felise did that well, with no forewarning of who she was meeting.
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