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Re: I don-t have the authority to over ride anything
Posted by VT_Syrup of VT on 6/24/22 3:13pm Msg #641038
If I look a the page at and click on "How does online notarization work?" it appears that the customer has to answer the knowledge-based authentication questions and upload ID before he/she even gets assigned to a notary, and then has no control over which he/she gets assigned to. As long as customers are randomly assigned to notaries, it makes no sense to have a personal knowledge option, because they signer and notary would almost never know each other.

But apparently there are "bring your own customer" platforms where the notary and signer have already decided to work with each other, and the notary gets on the platform and somehow tells the platform who the signer is. It would be perfectly legal to have a "personally known" checkbox which would make the system skip the knowledge-based authentication and ID upload. I don't know if any platforms have implemented this option or not.
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