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Re: How come SS sometimes make more than the Notary?
Posted by  JanetK_CA of CA on 3/15/23 2:15am Msg #644755
The only reason I can think of is because there are notaries who are sadly willing to accept assignments for that fee. (I certainly wouldn't - even for a small seller package.) I don't worry about what the SS is making or what's written on the ALTA, but for 200+ pgs with scan backs, I'd want more than double $75.

In this market it's tough to negotiate with existing clients, but it can be done with new clients. Good companies are still treating notaries fairly. I recommend anyone currently working for clients offering $75 fees for even simple signings - especially if you have lots of experience - get real busy marketing to title companies and signing up with 4-star and above companies in Signing Central. And if you're talking to a title co, start out asking for at least double that $75 fee! [Potential fees may depend on cost of living in your area.]
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