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Per Title "I was a no show"
Posted by CW2Ret/VA of VA on 6/19/19 8:06am Msg #607630
Last night at 6 PM I got a call from a very upset woman who wanted to know if I was going to show up for my appointment. She informed me that she had to call Title to get my name and phone number since IAW Title I was the assigned NSA. At first I was very confused and wondered what had happen and had I make some sort of mistake. When she said we were meeting in San Jose I realized we had a problem.

I then explained that I am a Virginia Notary (in Virginia) and that San Jose is in California (at least the last time I checked). Even she realized that I wasn't going to be meeting her that evening and I suggested that she call Title again. See explained that she was wondering why she was given my name and phone number by Title since someone named Juan had called and introduced himself (apparently did not remember his last name) and my name is John.

I didn't get which Title company it was.
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