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Re: Karen Aldrich
Posted by  LKT/CA of CA on 7/21/11 11:35pm Msg #390566
<<<I did let the coffee site know. Sent them proof. They have not responded except that they "will look into it". They have been looking into it for quite some time with no response.... I am disgusted.>>>

I'm sure "somewhere", there's a way to program a site so that a person could only list an address and phone number once so that different people cannot list a SS number as "their" number, or use multiple alias listings just so they can list a SS number. I think as part of the registration process, Notaries must list their commission # - it wouldn't be displayed with the listing but for the site's record keeping purposes.

For example:

Jane M Jones,
Commission #222333444
1234 Main Street
Goofytown, NY 00000
Cell: 987-654-3210
Home: 123-456-7890
Fax: 888-777-6655

If ANY part of the above info were entered in field for a different listing, the site would reject it with a message "This_____________ has already been used, it is connected to another registration, please choose another <cell #, address.....whatever> ." There'd be no way Suzie Q Muffinhead could not use any part of the above info when she registers because that info belongs to Jane M. Jones. This would eliminate aliases and other fake listings. Each commission number is connected to ONE listing.

If you have a SS that is willing to pay for 10 listings - their own plus 9 other individuals they've recruited just so the SS can list their own phone numbers on those individual's listings.....well, that will probably win over only allowing the SS their one listing - those other 9 people probably aren't going to pay for a listing. Unfortunately, $$$ wins out over ethics.
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