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One of these days in the future...everything will depend on
Posted by  Cheryl Elliott of CA on 2/12/19 2:25pm Msg #603118
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 Important Notary tool - Clem/CA on 2/12/19 9:02am
 Thank You Clem For Those Most Important Virus Free Links n/m - PegiT_MN on 2/12/19 9:07am
 Peggi didn't open them, lol n/m - Luckydog on 2/12/19 1:37pm
 OMG . . . I Opened Them For The First Time Right Now - PegiT_MN on 2/12/19 1:57pm
 Your response was priceless however :) n/m - Luckydog on 2/12/19 1:59pm
 Hilarious! TYVM, Clem for thar fuuny oust. It made my day! n/m - grapebed on 2/12/19 9:38am
 Re: Important tool - Signerbill on 2/12/19 9:41am
 Just depends.... n/m -  Cheryl Elliott on 2/12/19 11:58am
 OMG . . . Cheryl . . . I Just Got It . . . - PegiT_MN on 2/12/19 1:59pm
 One of these days in the future...everything will depend on -  Cheryl Elliott on 2/12/19 2:25pm
 After yesterday's nonsense, a little humor goes a long way -  Cheryl Elliott on 2/12/19 2:28pm
 Re: After yesterday - Luckydog on 2/12/19 2:34pm
 Re: Important Notary tool - pdl/cali on 2/12/19 1:23pm
 Re: Important Notary tool - Luckydog on 2/12/19 1:39pm
 LOL. Thanks for the humor! ;-) n/m -  MW/VA on 2/12/19 4:21pm
 Should I report as advertising for Depends? Or save the - grapebed on 2/12/19 5:57pm

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