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It is getting harder and harder to research the deadbeats!
Posted by  Scriba/NM of NM on 7/11/19 5:56pm Msg #608338
Trying to add something to Signing Central is hideous, yet there are the staunch defenders who raise a stink over some perceived mention of some other website. I don't get it. If they want to raise a fuss, fuss about missing company profiles and comments.

I also gave up adding deadbeats to Signing Central. One of the reasons that I belong to Notary Rotary is to share information and get payment information before I accept a signing, say from someone supposedly new. However, again today, I went to look up a company (that's been around for years), and it was NOT there YET AGAIN.

Then, there is this mind-bending business of some people can "SEE" a listing, and yet someone else cannot "SEE" this listing. That's one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. A database is a database. Not here, apparently.
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