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Re: Loan App Signings (No Notarization) What to expect-
Posted by  jojo_MN of MN on 7/20/19 9:12pm Msg #608575
The minimum I charge is $150 for these. I don't care that "but...there are NO notarizations...". They generally take twice as long as a normal signing and usually the applications are 60-90 pages. If it is a reverse mortgage, they are around 290 pages, but only sign 100. The borrower copies are generally included in the 290 pages.

I always give the borrower a copy of the application regardless if included with docs. When you get the supporting documents (and make copies if you want), you are doing a major part of the processors job so you need to consider that when you agree to take any less than you charge for a full closing. IMHO
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