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We can't take anything at face value..Cybersecurity is vital
Posted by  Cheryl Elliott of CA on 8/22/19 3:23pm Msg #609518
This is a huge issue for all of us who make our living as a small business owner. It is critical that we have a heightened awareness of the threats out there. Here's an article I just received from It's a great read. Take the time to absorb the messages.

I just renewed my annual NNA certification. I agree with many of you. This RE-CERTIFICATION each year is a complete ripoff. Since when do we get worse at what we do. How many other licensing agencies require annual certification?

Pilots? Architects? Doctors? CPA's? Attorneys? Drivers Licensing Bureaus. It's a complete scam. I for one am not ready to find out what happens if I don't re-certify annually because the companies I work for start bugging me for it 60 days out. We've worked together for decades. I do entrust them with my NNPI, not half-heartedly. Our current status can be confirmed on, so I do not see a need to send it out willy-nilly.

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