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Repost from 9-11-2014~Remembering our fallen heroes
Posted by  Cheryl Elliott of CA on 9/11/19 9:33am Msg #610107
I'm up early this morning, having my Italian roast, thinking of the events in 911 in 2001 and what a horrific turn of events. Remembering all our fallen heroes and their families, it is an event none of us will ever forget. Everyone in the world was impacted in some way by the terrorist attacks on American soil. America changed forever. Our role as notaries was impacted with the U.S. Patriot Act. How we move about on planes, trains and automobiles changed. Industries emerged with a focus on expanded monitoring surveillance with cameras, satellites, and robots.

On this day in 2001, I was sitting having my coffee on the 55th floor of the downtown LA Arco building getting ready to start my day, when suddenly I witnessed the two planes crashing into the twin towers in New York. It was surreal. All the country froze witnessing on television the explosions and people jumping from windows, running for their lives to escape the glass and debris flying everywhere and heavy smoke. Our building went on lockdown. Elevators and escalators were shut down. Clearly the financial districts in every major city were being targeted. I was working for the Capital Group, a major financial investment group with offices in New York, London, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Seattle. I was immobile. Terror struck at the hearts of so many. How could be happening in America?

God Bless America, and all the Americans who lost their lives that day, performing heroic acts in response to the terrorists' ruthlessness on our soil. I pray for all who were left behind and those who weren't killed but lived to tell about their experiences and to remember their lost loved ones.

I pray for world peace and harmony one day for the entire planet. God help us.
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 Repost from 9-11-2014~Remembering our fallen heroes -  Cheryl Elliott on 9/11/19 9:33am

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