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Sometimes I fly... that's what I call taking Biz to
Posted by NVLSlady/VA of VA on 10/9/19 8:37pm Msg #610954
The Next Level!! Imagine safer up there with the Jetsons than down here on the autobahn. Still, be Safe!

(Been seeing the fatal flight of J.F. Kennedy, Jr. on air - with 20 yr anniversary. Tragic.)
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 Any stories about getting to signings? Sometimes I fly... - Gary Boehm on 10/9/19 1:25pm
 How neat!!! What a great way to mix up our day. :) - ananotary on 10/9/19 1:45pm
 How neat!!! What a great way to mix up our day. :) - Gary Boehm on 10/9/19 4:50pm
 That's way more fun than some experiences I've had. - Lee/AR on 10/9/19 4:14pm
 That - Gary Boehm on 10/9/19 4:57pm
 I used to fly in the 70's - Clem/CA on 10/9/19 7:29pm
 Sometimes I fly... that's what I call taking Biz to - NVLSlady/VA on 10/9/19 8:37pm
 Other than my car flying around this area (I'm thinking -  MW/VA on 10/9/19 8:46pm
 I flew from NorCal to SoCal to complete other half of signup n/m - Alz on 10/9/19 9:42pm
 I've been accused of flying in on my broom.....:) n/m - notarydi/CA on 10/10/19 9:41am
 I know that about you! HEEHEE n/m -  Cheryl Elliott on 10/10/19 11:59am
 I was nearly hit head on coming home from a signing. - Jayhawk/KS on 10/10/19 9:06pm
 Wow, how frightening! Glad you were OK! n/m -  JanetK_CA on 10/11/19 1:11am

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