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Low/slow paying companies now two peas in a pod
Posted by  Cheryl Elliott of CA on 11/5/19 6:56am Msg #611953
Yep, it's official two low/slow-paying SS's have crawled into one little pod, joined forces. They are very good at skewing their ratings in SC as well as their YELP reviews, but can't fool us. We know their ways. Can't believe the ratings in SC because they are busy on the sidelines writing phony reviews about themselves. Or, they seek the assistance of some of their double-digit IQ newbies willing to work for $30 to $60 a to write a completely false rating on YELP or SC.

Is this a sign that things aren't going so well out there for slimy SS's?

Anyone wanna take a guess of whom I'm referring to?
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 Low/slow paying companies now two peas in a pod -  Cheryl Elliott on 11/5/19 6:56am
 If you post, say who you are talking about n/m - Luckydog on 11/5/19 8:56am
 Re: If you post, say who you are talking about - pdl/cali on 11/5/19 7:11pm
 You're too professional to work with either of these -  Cheryl Elliott on 11/5/19 8:21pm
 Re: You -  JanetK_CA on 11/5/19 9:46pm
 I'm no genius but wld say glance half hour earlier thread. n/m - NVLSlady/VA on 11/5/19 9:52pm
 Yes. you are a genius in my book -  Cheryl Elliott on 11/5/19 11:12pm
 I'm buying a copy when it's released!! :) n/m - NVLSlady/VA on 11/6/19 9:50am
 Re: I - pdl/cali on 11/6/19 2:05pm

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