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Not completely true
Posted by  Teresa/FL of FL on 11/5/19 12:49pm Msg #611971
Notary Cloud was founded by owners of Village Capital in order to schedule their own closings instead of using Notary Assurance to fulfill this function. They also created Milestone Settlement to serve as the title/escrow agent for their deals instead of NETCO, who is the parent company of Notary Assurance.

Maybe Village Capital recently took over payment for notary services instead of payment coming from an account in Notary Cloud's name?

Their confirmation states that they pay in 30 BUSINESS DAYS, not 30 (calendar) days, which is the norm for most SS. That means 6 weeks before they will cut the check. In my most recent experience with them I received payment on day 45. I accepted the signing knowing that it would take a few more days to receive payment but also knowing that I would eventually be paid. It will probably be the last signing I do for them.

The ridiculously large package size (200 pages) takes way to long to get signed. For me, the time spent at the table is more important than the small cost of printing the additional 50-75 pages of disclosures.
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