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Re: Ca Signing Agents and SB 5
Posted by ArtG/KS of KS on 12/1/19 7:26am Msg #613040
This is rehashed in both legislative and case law every now and then. The BowermanField031717 case of 2017 seemed to address this in case law. In my state, if you work in a service business that works for multiple other businesses, set your own appointments or schedules, you are an independent contractor.

I served many different title companies with loan signing services and individuals, insurance inspection services and various insurance underwriting departments with residential and commercial underwriting inspections, it would take a radical swing of definitions grounded in pure nonsense to declare I was a direct employee of an employer. Part time workers can work as direct employees of different companies, I know those who work multiple jobs to make ends meet, and they are direct employees.

In the Bowerman case, I can also say that I have, in the inspection side of my business, worked for two different inspection companies briefly over the years as a direct employee and that never worked well for me. All the other inspection companies I worked for were contracting to me as an independent business and that made things work much better. Why? because on long drives I could insert inspections into my loan signing routes and schedules thereby making work more efficient and profitable for me. Something precariously if done, but usually not possible as a direct employee.

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